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Welcome to our web site.  Here we shall introduce you to our not-for-profit institution, and outline the essentials of what we teach. You are welcome to give us feedback, especially on how to make this a better web site --since web site developing is not our profession-- and what additional features would you like us to include.



Our Mission

Our Mission is to disseminate the teaching of S.A.W., a contemporary philosopher, anthropologist-psychologist, as he commissioned through "Asociación Gnóstica de Estudios de Antropología y Ciencias, A.C. (A.G.E.A.C.A.C.)".  Our Center is translating the courses of instruction into English.  Although our classes are in English, Spanish-speaking citizens are welcome to participate.  In short, through the instruction of Gnosticism in its various forms, we are to provide our community, free of charge, a variety of techniques that may enable anyone to improve the quality of life.  




For information on any additions to this web site, as well on any new scheduled courses, you are welcome to peruse our News section. 


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