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Arcanum I:  The Magician

For more information, you are welcome to click on any of the three segments which the figure is made of:  the one below (Physical Plane), the middle (Mental Plane), or the one above (Spiritual Plane).  You may also click the label "The Magician" for other symbols that are associated to Arcanum I.  All Major Arcana (Nos. I through XXII) have this very same similar formatting of the three planes and associated symbols.  

We have made an effort to present all symbols of Arcanum I on this web site, as an example of what Objective Gnostic Art is.  The description of all Arcanum I symbols found in this web site is not a replacement to the complete course entitled The Initiatic Way in the Ancient Egyptian Tarot Arcana and in Hebrew Kabbalah

The brand of cards of Ancient Egyptian Tarot may differ in the design and in esoteric detail.  We recommend "Egipcios KIER Tarot" (available through  We have posted there a review of the cards.



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