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Gnostic Anthropology

Gnostic Anthropology (also known as Anthropology-Psychology) is a psychoanalytical anthropology that enables us to wisely comprehend all religious forms and worldwide cultures.  Self-psychoanalysis and profound conscious introspection play a key role in the thorough study of Anthropology-Psychology.

Gnostic Anthropology or Anthropology-Psychology differs from ordinary anthropology in the sense that Gnostic Anthropology does not make assumptions based on mental associations between isolated facts.  Gnostic Anthropology, through conscious practical psychoanalysis, extracts from every niche and archaeological piece the profound psychoanalytical meaning and its implication to our current inner state, in order for us to proceed to undergo permanent regeneration and the permanent experience of complete enlightenment.

Thus, Gnostic Anthropology is consciously experiential, not blindly theoretical and mechanical.


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