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Legends belonging to the Gnostic Art category are interlinked with Gnostic Psychology in the sense that their characters, plots, elements, turning points, etc., have a direct correlation with elements of our psyche and processes for radical inner consciousness awakening.

Examples of these legends are many, and there are legends found in all major countries and cultures that instruct us on the way towards complete enlightenment.  Samson against the Philistines (Hebrew), Hercules and his Twelve Heroic Works (Greek), Horus in battle against Seth (Egyptian), Perseus against the Medusa (Greek), Huitzilopochtli defeating the four hundred Surianos (Mexican), the Pandavas' battle against the sons of blind Dharastra in the battle of Kuruksetra (Hindi), are parallel and similar in the sense of instruction on the process for complete enlightenment; all heroes and all villains in these legends are elements found deep within our own psyche.


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