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This great magnificent seal has its origins in Tibet, as a part of a representation of a series of conscious intelligent principles found in our inner particular psychology, whose description is beyond the scope of this discussion.

Detail from the center of the symbol for the Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra, in India).  [A Chakra is the Vitality and Magnetic field that is produced around the nerve plexus of a body part in a living being.  In the case of the Anahata Chakra, it is the Vitality and Magnetic field that is produced around the cardiac plexus of a living being.]

Detail of the surrounding fence of a Chorten (a kind of Sanctuary or relatively large Sacred Chapel) belonging to practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism in Lhasa.

Detail of the green side  of the American Dollar Bill.  The thirteen stars (representing not only the number of States at the time of the foundation of the Union, but also a Kabbalistic symbolical number "13" that stands for Immortality) are arranged in the fashion of a Seal of Solomon with a point at the Center.

We have been informed that in some parts of India this symbol is known as The Sign of Vishnu.  Vishnu is the Hindi's own way of conceiving the Second Sephirah, Chockmah, also known as The Son by Christian theology.  Interestingly, "Vishnu" comes from the term "vish", which means "to penetrate" and/or "ever-penetrating it all".

It is believed that the term "Star of David" has been given to the Seal of Solomon when the symbol arrived in Europe from the Crusades during the Middle Ages. Others, mostly the Jewish, state that the "Star of David" is an authentic symbol that comes from the Hebrew tradition and from nowhere else, in spite of findings in Lhasa that substantiate that this sacred symbol is far more ancient than most believe.

There are several variations of this symbol, such as the one found in the national flag of the State of Israel, where we cannot find the interlacing details seen above.  Here we chose a detailed version.

There are two triangles: an upright one (red, sometimes represented in other versions white), and a downward one (blue, sometimes represented in other versions black).  Both colors (red/blue, white/black) are considered as "opposites" to one another (red opposite to blue, white opposite to black).

There are plenty of psychological and philosophical implications in this symbol.  Both triangles are together, in harmony and without confusion, that is, not blended with one another, but together.  

The upright (red) triangle has been associated with the element Fire, not just fire as we perceive it physically, but the inner nature of fire from within the internal dimensions, which is responsible for the manifestation of physical fire in the first place.  Without this prior manifestation of this inner nature of fire from within the internal dimensions of nature, fire, as we perceive it physically, could not ever take place or manifest in the physical realm.  This inner nature of fire from within the internal dimensions of nature was somewhat perceived in a "quasi intuitional" manner by some European scientists several centuries ago, labeling these as "Phlogistons" and thus developing the "Phlogiston Theory".  Unfortunately, due to the limited nature of perception developed by sensations received through the ordinary five physical senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch), the "Phlogiston Theory" soon became a "dead theory" as it could not be perceived by those without the necessary psychic senses.  Still, the mysterious phenomenon known as "spontaneous combustion" cannot be explained by ordinary "strictly physical" scientific conjecture and physical observation; perhaps as scientists develop psychic senses in a conscious and introspected manner, the Phlogiston Theory may become a true verified fact and more of nature's mysteries may be unveiled.

The downward (blue) triangle has been associated with the element Water, Spiritual Water, that is, the Waters of Life.

Both triangles now together, Spiritual Fire and Spiritual Water, make up what we call Conscience and Complete Enlightenment.  There is a well-known formula in authentic esoteric schools: <Water> + <Fire> = <Enlightened Conscience>.

Thus, according to this symbol, a completely enlightened being is beyond good and evil, thus transcending the illusory dual nature of the mind, which is found at a much lower realm and dimension in comparison with the spiritual realm.  A completely enlightened being is able to mix wisely the sulfur (Spiritual Fire) of alchemists with mercury (Spiritual Waters of Life), in order to undergo the process of transmuting lead (false, gross human personality with imperfection, desire, attachment, hatred, ignorance, passion and propensity to suffering) into gold (the series of values and virtues of the Divine Spiritual Being, e.g., compassion, conscious love for all sentient beings, etc.).

We also notice that in the middle of this Star, there is a regular hexagon that encompasses an area with elements belonging to both triangles, the positive one and the negative one.  This six-sided polygon reminds us of the number six, represented at times by the Sixth Sephirah, Typhareth (you are welcome to see the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah section), the Human Soul, Conscious Will.  Being able to become awakened in the Sephirah Typhareth is of a transcendental significance: it is the beginning of the end of all our propensity to suffering, mostly due to ignorance, desire and attachment.

Moreover, the psychoanalytical and transcendental details of the Seal of Solomon are the very same perennial and universal principles portrayed in the Far Eastern Pa Kua symbol.  The White (Yang) side is equivalent to the Red triangle of the Seal of Solomon (above) and the Black (Ying) side is equivalent to the Blue inverted triangle.  There is a small black circle on the White side, indicating that "There is Ying within Yang" and there is a small white circle on the Black side, indicating that "There is Yang within Ying."  Interestingly, this is equivalent to perfect hexagonal area formed in the middle of the Seal of Solomon, an area that is common to both within the Red and Blue triangles, thus indicating some elements that both opposite polarities share.  As an imaginary horizontal line slides through the Pa Kua symbol above, we may appreciate better the enormous philosophical similarity with the Seal of Solomon.

The intertwining triangles in the Seal of Solomon and the curved boundaries between the two dual-opposites halves of the Pa Kua symbol circle invite us to reflect on perpetual motion


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