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The Tibetan Wheel of Existence

Although most official written teachings of Siddartha Gautama Sakiamuni the Buddha (also known as "the Buddha" for being the most popular one)  begin to appear approximately 300 years after the Buddha's passing away, it is being said that The Wheel of Existence is the only work written by the Buddha himself.  It is a synthesis of philosophy, art, science and transcendental mysticism in its entirety.  The entire Buddhist teachings are compiled in this remarkable work of art.  It is a reminder that unenlightened life lacks satisfaction, and that the continuous pursuit of happiness without complete enlightenment takes the uninitiated one throughout an endless wheel.  The Buddha's teachings, the Dharma, enables us to transcend all kinds of Karmic Retribution --positive retribution or negative retribution-- that confines us in cyclic existence.  Needless it is to say that our Institution wishes the student not to believe in cyclic existence, since we deliver safe and trustworthy clues and techniques for verifying directly and beyond all reasonable doubt the crude reality of rebirth and recurrence.

We feel that our web site would be incomplete if we did not have The Wheel of Existence present as an example of Objective Art (Gnostic Art).


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