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Alchemy Unveiled

"Unveiling Sacred Arcanum A.Z.F.

to people who have not changed their way of thinking

into a more passive and open mind, 

is committing a profanity out of this Sacred Teaching."


Alchemy is the science of psychological transmutation.  In medieval ages it was a science which, in disguise, enabled anyone to become completely enlightened.  Alchemy vocabulary was used in order to disguise the teaching of this transcendental process and thus avoiding problems with local authorities of that time (due to their lack of understanding of alchemy principles).

Alchemy is being unveiled within a course in our studies.  There are other courses and pre-requisites that are required prior to receiving this instruction.

Transmuting lead into gold.  The three types of mercury.  Salt, sulfur and mercury are absolutely essential for creation.  Combining sulfur and mercury.  The three stages/levels of purification.  More.


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