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"If hurricanes make up themselves proof of terrestrial rotation motion, it is also very true and exactly logical that rotation of all suns, constellations and worlds, is a concrete proof of the curvature of space." -- S.A.W.

There are no limits for Gnostic Science.

Through science we understand knowledge.  But not all knowledge is scientific, at least in a strict sense, since, for this it has to meet at least two conditions:  (1) to be true, and (2) to be evident, which implies that it must be demonstrated.  Moreover, scientific knowledge must be required to be ordered and complete, and although this is evident in most of present scientific investigations, a synthesized order of isolated facts has not been attained.

 In this sense, it is not exaggerated to affirm that so-called “modern science” is neither completely true, nor is it absolutely evident, for in the issue of the origin of life, of species and of man, for instance, a total order does not exist.  On the contrary almost all are isolated facts founded on mere hypotheses.

 A concrete example of what was previously set forth is in the new challenge of science, the subatomic universe; the latter is not objectively demonstrable with the so-called “scientific method” of observation, experimentation and classification.

 The most pure observation does not exist for those phenomena which escape our three-dimensional universe, the experimentation between “the subject who observed” and “the object observed” will always be conditioned by the subjective constitution of the observer himself and his corresponding apparatus.

 The Gnostic method of scientific experimentation allows one to penetrate into the phenomenon itself and to extract from the latter its psychological and cosmic principles, beyond the light speed barrier, coinciding with the theory of relativity, hyperspace and parallel universes.

 Gnostic science studies matter and anti-matter, the constitution of atoms, even in matters which are totally unknown to today’s official science.  The Punctas, for instance, are neither atoms, nor nucleons, nor particles of any type, and do not occupy any space.

Gnosis objectively knows the origin of worlds, suns, universes and particularly the Ors solar system where we live and have our Being.  Everything passes through the crucible of Gnosis.


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