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Gioconda - The Spiral Way


This Madonna is right at the junction of the entrance two roads, seen in the background.  One road has curves, and the other one is straight.  The curved relatively longer road has an allusion to humidity, while the other straightforward road is dry and shorter.  

All Initiated Ones reach a stage where they have to choose, whether "entering" Nirvana (not a place, but an inner state of continuous bliss), or remaining here with mankind, helping all sentient beings to become completely enlightened.  

The Spiral Way, curved, when straightened, will have a length greater than the Straightforward Way.  Thus, it takes a lot more time for the Initiated One to achieve Absolute Complete Enlightenment when choosing the Spiral Way.  It is humid and refreshing, and does not require all the hardship that the Straightforward Way requires.


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