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Gioconda - The Straightforward Way


This Madonna is right at the junction of the entrance two roads, seen in the background.  One road has curves, and the other one is straight.  The curved relatively longer road has an allusion to humidity, while the other straightforward road is dry and shorter.  

All Initiated Ones reach a stage where they have to chose, whether entering Nirvana (not a place, but an inner state of continuous bliss), or remaining here with mankind, helping all sentient beings to become completely enlightened.  Helping all sentient beings become completely enlightened is the Path of the Compassionate Boddhisattwa, which can only be achieved through the Straightforward Way (at our "Right").

The Straightforward Way at our "Right" is also known as the Way of the Christ.  It is as dry as a desert, and it goes straight towards a level that is superior to the Spiral Way or Way of the Buddha.

The Way of the Buddha reaches approximately the level of the Lady's shoulders.  In the Tree of Life diagram (when it is placed at full length over a person's physical body), we may find this level to belong to Sephirah Geburah (also known as Divine Soul, and also as Conscience).  The Hindi call this Divine Emanation portrayed on the Tree of Life "Budhi".  Interestingly, "Budhi" and "Buddha" share the same roots, as both refer to Englightened Awakening.

The Way of the Christ (the Straightforward Way) reaches approximately the Lady's left ear.  In the Tree of Life (when it is placed at full length over a person's physical body), this level belongs to Sephirah Chockmah (also known as Cosmic Christ), which belongs to the Sephirotical Crown (of Father, Mother & Holy Spirit or Kether, Chockmah & Binah, respectively).



The Way of the Christ (the Straightforward Way) takes the Initiated One to greater depths of introspection and consciousness expansion, thus achieving an Absolute Complete Enlightenment.  Absolute Complete Enlightenment is the prize for those who decline to accept the bliss of the Nirvana "State", and remain here in this "Valley of Tears" working hard for mankind.

Definitely, at this level of Initiation, the Initiated One would not be making "choices" as we ordinarily do on worldly matters where the mind behaves actively with a dualistic nature.  The Initiated One who chooses the Way of the Christ acts with the Divine Spiritual Being's Will, with utmost compassion --for humanity, not for himself--, which is a superior emotion rather than a wandering delusive ordinary "thought".  

It is absolutely clear that authentic Buddhism and authentic Christianity complement one another.  To achieve Christhood --i.e., someone who has realized the Spark of the Creator Within, as the teaching of Jesus Christ invites us to experience permanently--, it is most certain that one must become a Buddha first  --an Awakened One--, in the same way that to get up from our beds in the morning we must first open our eyes and wake up.  


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