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Lucid Sleep-state Experiences (L.S.S.E.'s) and Conscious Astral Awareness

A Lucid Sleep-state Experience (L.S.S.E.) is simply the ability to act within a dream while being aware that all surrounding experiences happens to be a dream; (unfortunately many recognize dreaming after the dream is over, upon the waking up of the physical body in the morning).  This occurs within an internal dimension of nature known by some as the "astral plane", which is not a place, all while the physical body recovers vitality by resting asleep.  Thus, L.S.S.E.'s and Conscious Astral Awareness are essentially the same, only that Conscious Astral Awareness involves further introspective inquiry into and conscious awareness of inner psychological processes that occur during physical body's complete rest.  Thus, dreams are psychological processes that reveal inner states, and as a wise man once said many centuries ago, "Man may know himself by remembering and understanding his dreams".

Here are some sub-topics:  The sleeping process of the physical body: revitalization.  What happens to our physical body's biological processes and to our own mind and overall psyche while the physical body rests asleep?  Why most people go through a "blackout" that leads to a lack of remembrance of sleep-state experiences (commonly known as "dreams")?  What is conscious astral awareness?  How can we remain lucid and conscious while the physical body rests asleep throughout the night?  What benefits can L.S.S.E.'s bring us in term of problem-solving capability and implementation, as well as in improving the quality of our life?  More.

This is an advanced course, and has several other courses as a requirement.


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