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Philosophy and Psychology

Psychology is a new term for what has been known in ancient times as "philosophy" (or "love for wisdom").  As there were varied schools of philosophy, there are nowadays varied approaches in psychology.  Regrettably, some people ignore what psychology truly is and tend to associate psychology with "mental illness".  It is necessary to clarify that psychology is a field of study applicable and useful to all.  Great and remarkable achievements and creations can be made if scientists, artists, government officials and others have all a strong background of psychology, as their knowledge of their own psyche through the study and application of psychology principles found within may enable them to boost and maximize their creativity and problem-solving capability.

The psychology course our institution offers is quite integrated with other courses at the beginning.  It is not a theoretical psychology where one has to read excessively and learn some theories (e.g., cognition, personality).  Gnostic Psychology is entirely experiential and transcendental.  Anyone, regardless of age, gender, creed, culture, profession, etc., can make the most out of our very practical psychology course, as it allows radical inner transformations that may enable us improve in any skill and in the overall understanding of the true purpose of life.


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