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Transcendental Meditation

Although traditionally perceived with metaphysical overtones, transcendental meditation is truly a self-psychoanalytical discipline where our self-awareness is greatly enhanced in deep conscious introspection.  This conscious introspection does not imply at all introversion and withdrawal from society; on the contrary, it greatly enhances comprehension of all neighbors, and thus enables the marvelous blossoming of tolerance and compassion towards all sentient beings.  This practical and non-sectarian approach to transcendental meditation is bringing a great contribution to a peaceful society and a peaceful world.

Transcendental meditation has been very wisely used by Buddhists (e.g., Ch'ang Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Bon tradition, and others) and Yogis in India.  It is therefore natural for people of the Western world to associate meditation with Yoga and Buddhism.  It is necessary for us, however,  to reiterate that transcendental meditation is --in its absolute true essence-- of no specific form and it is definitely not the trademark of any religious form.

Transcendental meditation is useful for us all, regardless of age, creed, gender, profession or occupation, culture and level of wealth and of education.  Composers, writers, painters and sculptors may improve their creativity greatly with the daily practice of transcendental meditation.  Inventors and scientists who meditate daily may be more ingenious and more resourceful in solving problems with greater ease, accuracy and quality.  Public government officials may develop a better understanding of the way their constituents are and why, as well as develop remarkable problem-solving skills; therefore, this would enable public government officials to be able to implement and experience a wiser decision-making process.  Anyone can learn to buffer work stress with the daily practice of transcendental meditation.

Although our setting is absolutely and entirely non-sectarian, religious groups of all religious denominations (e.g., Sufis/Muslims, Christian, Mystical Kabbalists/Jewish, Yoga practitioners, Hindi, etc.) are welcome to request a Transcendental Meditation course customized to their beliefs and to their desirable and noble applications.  It shall be our pleasure and privilege to do our best to make accommodations for them, in a non-sectarian manner.  We shall then clarify and explain the usefulness of our non-sectarian setting.

You are cordially invited to give yourself a chance to tap within your own psyche all potential possibilities of developing the Genius Within, and greatly improve the quality of life.


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